Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seven Things About Me, Myself, and I

Here, i've outlined seven random things about me. Blame the lovely Ginger for this post...not that i'm complaining hehe. So, here goes:

1) I love to sleep, for real. It's a sad sad situation
2) I love the night. I'm a total night owl, or even sexier, a vampire!
3) I love to watch movies. They help me relax, and escape from life in general
4) I love music. Love it! I can sing along to all the songs on my iPod
5) I'd like to take photography lessons cause i love pictures
6) I love to eat, read, work, and etc. in bed. My bed is like my haven
7) And, i'm a teeny bit antisocial. But, i draw the line on staying home for a month hehe
There it is. You can see a more detailed post on Adiya.At.U, my abandoned updated rants blog
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